Hindi Fonts

Table of Contents

1. Hindi Unicode Fonts 

These are some unicode Hindi fonts which I use mostly for Poster designing and Book typing. You can download and use them in various computer softwares and mobile phone apps like MS Word, Photoshop, CorelDraw, InDesign, Filmora, Kinemaster, InShot, Canva, PixelLab etc. Their images are also attached here to show how your text will look when you select those fonts while working in any app.

1.1  Tiro Devanagari Hindi 

web unicode font hindi tiro devanagari hindi
Tiro Dev. Hindi Regular.ttf 405kb
Tiro Dev. Hindi Italic.ttf 407kb

1.2  Tiro Devanagari Sanskrit 

web unicode font tiro devanagari sanskrit
Tiro Dev. Sanskrit Regular.ttf 680kb
Tiro Dev. Sanskrit Italic.ttf 683kb

1.4  Adobe Devanagari 

web unicode font adobe devanagari hindi
Adobe Dev. Regular.ttf 324kb
Adobe Dev. Italic.ttf 337kb
Adobe Dev. Bold.ttf 333kb
Adobe Dev. Bold Italic.ttf 340kb

1.5  ITF Devanagari 

web unicode font itf devanagari hindi
ITF Dev. Light.ttf 194kb
ITF Dev. Medium.ttf 201kb
ITF Dev. Demi.ttf 210kb
ITF Dev. Book.ttf 210kb
ITF Dev. Bold.ttf 196kb

1.6  Kalimati 

Hindi Unicode Font kalimati devanagari hindi
Kalimati Regular.ttf 130kb

1.7  Kokila 

web unicode font kokila hindi
Kokila.ttf 168kb

1.8  Sahitya 

web unicode font sahitya hindi
sahitya regular.ttf 235kb
sahitya bold.ttf 243kb

1.9  Vesper Libre 

web unicode font vesper libre hindi
Vesper Libre Regular.ttf 160kb
Vesper Libre Medium.ttf 162kb
Vesper Libre Bold.ttf 162kb
Vesper Libre Black.ttf 160kb

1.10  Sanskrit 2003 

web unicode font sanskrit 2003 hindi
Sanskrit 2003.ttf 690kb

1.11  Sanskrit 2020 

web unicode font sanskrit 2020 hindi
Sanskrit 2020.ttf 744kb

1.12  Khand 

web unicode font khand hindi
Khand Regular.ttf 308kb
Khand medium.ttf 321kb
Khand light.ttf 298kb
Khand Semi Bold.ttf 339kb
Khand Bold.ttf 349kb

1.13  Poppins 

web unicode font poppins hindi
Poppins Regular.ttf 155kb
Poppins medium.ttf 153kb
Poppins light.ttf 156kb
Poppins Semi Bold.ttf 152kb
poppins Bold.ttf 150kb

1.14  Sura 

web unicode font sura hindi
Sura Regular.ttf 113kb
Sura Bold.ttf 121kb

1.15  Bressay Devanagari 

Bressay Dev. Regular.ttf 625kb
Bressay Dev. Italic.ttf 294kb
Bressay Dev. Bold.ttf 621kb

1.16  .................   

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